K Prabhakar, M Subba Rao, KV Naga Madhuri, K Rama Subbaiah, G Karunasagar


Seven promising sugarcane varieties were tested for their adaptability to Alfisols in an experiment conducted at the Agricultural Research Station, Utukur, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, during 2007-08 and 2008-09. The data on yield attributes, viz. number of millable canes, cane length and cane diameter and juice quality parameters, viz. sucrose %, CCS % and sugar yield were recorded at harvest. The results indicated that two varieties, namely 2003V46 and 99V30 exhibited good performance for cane and sugar yield in the given environment and were identified to be suitable for commercial cultivation in Alfisols of Kadapa district and recommended to farmers in this area.

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